Trainerspotter began as a side project between two friends, Russell Gater and Daniel Savory, it was a kind of creative outlet, a project exploring sports heritage, street subculture and graphic design for their love of vintage sneakers. This quickly developed into a real brand and business as demand for the product grew not just in the UK but Worldwide. Inspired by Trainerspotter heroes such as Steve Prefontaine, Jeff Johnson, Geoff Hollister and Rudi Dassler, the initial aim of the brand was to tell the stories behind sneaker culture that nobody had heard before. People seemed to have forgotten its true roots - sports. Rapidly evolving, Trainerspotter is continually offering more detailed garments including t-shirts and sweatshirts telling more inspirational stories but never compromising the brand ethos.
3 tuote(tta)
  1. Trainerspotter Crowbomb tee grn
    Trainerspotter Crowbomb tee grn
    25,00 €
  2. Trainerspotter Charlie Strp vest red
    Trainerspotter Charlie Strp vest red
    20,00 €
  3. Trainerspotter Del Mar chino brown
    Trainerspotter Del Mar chino brown
    30,00 €