When Michael Jordan first came to the NBA in 1984, it was not just the beginning of an unparalleled career, it was also the beginning of the famous „Air Jordan“ series. For the first time the swoosh sports brand gave an athlete like MJ, who astonished the world with his breathtaking dunks, his own shoe- and clothingline. And it immediately caused a stir: The Air Jordan 1 was initially banned by the NBA, because its red/black colorway was deemed too „colourful“ for the NBA dresscode. But the worldwide success of the shoes couldn''t be avoided. On the contrary. Today Jordan products include: shirts, shorts and bags and a lot more stuff with the famous Jumpman Logo. Because of its huge success Nike even gave Brand Jordan an entire sub-division a few years ago. The Jordan-Brand is not only worn by ballers like Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade, footballer Terrell Owens and baseballer Derek Jeter also fancy the high quality sportswear.
3 tuote(tta)
  1. Air Jordan 1 Mid white/black-hyper royal
    Air Jordan 1 Mid white/black-hyper royal
    129,00 €
  2. Air Jordan Courtside 23 white/black-black
    Air Jordan Courtside 23 white/black-black
    139,00 €
  3. Air Jordan Heritage black/white-black
    Air Jordan Heritage black/white-black
    99,00 €