Founded in 2012, CAYLER & SONS has become one of the key players in the headwear game over night. Premium quality and innovative graphics, often with a humorous twist, are characteristics for CAYLER & SONS. Staying true to their motto: “for true heads - by true heads“, the brand never fails to deliver special designs with a unique flavor that proves snapback caps don’t always have to be a “team thing“.
It is the extra attention to detail and the strive for perfection that separates
CAYLER & SONS from other headwear labels and that has helped the brand grow an enormous fan-base all over the globe. After the huge success of the snapback caps, CAYLER & SONS has added beanies, backpacks, wallets, socks and apparel to their product range.
Staying true to their motto: “for true heads-by true heads”, CAYLER & SONS never fail to deliver unparalleled designs with a twist, that proves snapbacks don’t always have to be a “team thing”.